Intake is the program that initially evaluates individuals in their first point of contact and allows our staff to get their bearings to better serve the individuals. When a individuals is in crisis, our job is to effectively evaluate both the individual themselves and also their current situation.

Service Coordination

Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) is a program that provides ongoing support to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Medicaid Service Coordinators assist people with obtaining available services in the community as well as services under the Home and Community Based (HCBS) Waiver and supports appropriate to their needs. OPWDD delivers almost all service coordination through its Medicaid Service Coordination program (MSC).

MSC is provided by qualified service coordinators and uses a person-centered planning process in developing, implementing, and maintaining an Individualized Service Plan. Plan of Care Support Services (PCSS) is an alternative form of service coordination. PCSS providers assist individuals to review and update their Individualized Service Plan. PCSS is delivered by a qualified Medicaid Service Coordinator.

Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation is a program that provides habilitative services in the community (non-certified settings) to facilitate community inclusion, integration, relationship building, and independent skills (OPWDD). Community Habilitation is a beneficial program to Individuals because it allows them and/or their parents, to establish goals that they aspire to meet independently. A plan is comprised of a methodology, task analysis, and valued outcome section. It involves the way in which each goal will be established, initiated and taught. It is a skill-oriented service that boosts an individual’s confidence and self-worth, when goals are put in place to accomplish. In addition, Community Habilitation enables individuals to integrate into the community and feel a part and accepted by it. It allows skills to be created so that eventually, the individuals can implement them in the environment. Relationship is built and socialization enhances when an individual works with a Community Habilitation worker. Overall, Community Habilitation is a fantastic program because it aspires to make the individuals independent with various skills, encourages community inclusion and integration, and establishes long-termed relationship.

Day Habilitation

"Day Habilitation without Walls Program" is completely community based. Our goal for the Day Habilitation Program is to continue to enhance the development of each participant served by recognizing and facilitating them with reaching their maximum potential. This program is offered Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 2:30pm (hours include transportation to and from program). Day Habilitation Program provide services that are designed and/or adapted to enable each participant to succeed regardless of limitations for each individuals level of disability mental/physical, and learning style. Our Day Habilitation services will continue to utilize a person-centered approach that provides individualized assistance to people with intellectual disabilities and multiple disabilities. We believe that all individual regardless of the severity of their disabilities can learn to help themselves become more independent in daily, non-vocational and personal skills. By complimenting each participant's strengths and addressing their unique needs, Iyaho will provide immeasurable opportunities for long-term outcomes and the development of fulfilling relationships. With festive holiday parties, exciting outings and endless chances for fellowship, our participants make friends, increase their self esteem, and independence, through their involvement in our Day Habilitation Program. Our Program emphasizes on overall enhancement of physical, social, and emotional well-being. These goals are achieved through a wide range of enjoyable, skill-building volunteer, recreational and self-help activities. Professional support and services are also available to program participants at the neighborhood centers to supplement these activities and allow for optimal growth and development. All necessary transportation is provided. We have laid out our Day Habilitation Program into easily manageable parts :- About Day Habilitation, Objectives, Activities, Modules, Teaching Techniques and Schedule. Please, take your time to go through the information to see how our program and activities could be of benfit to you or your loved ones.


Respite program is a Medicaid waiver service that assists individuals and their families. Respite services provide temporary relief from the demands of care giving, which helps reduce overall family stress. This often enables families to better meet the needs of their loved one with a developmental disability. Respite can be provided in the home or out of the home, during the day, evenings or overnight. Respite is an “indirect” service that provides relief to individuals who are responsible for the primary care and support of an individual with a developmental disability. When a family member, Family Care provider, or live-in/house-parent staff person must deal with such things as illness, emergency, and care giver or staff vacation, respite services can ensure that their loved one’s needs are met.