Initial program families start with.

Intake is the program responsible for informing families about the wide range of supports and services available to qualified individuals and Familiarize families with the terms and acronyms associated with service delivery system which includes: Respite, which is designed to give the individual's primary caretaker some leisure time to themselves meanwhile having a caretaker care for the individual, Community-Hab which is designed to help individuals with their AOL and daily living skills, Afterschool programs which will allow individuals with disabilities to interact with others their age and also give them additional educational lessons, in addition, recreational activities for the individual to participate and socialize.


Intake Coordinator will also assist families in accessing those services for their loved ones with a developmental disability until a Medicaid Service Coordinator is appointed or assigned.
• Intake Coordinator is responsible for aiding in scheduling/obtaining psychological and psychosocial evaluations and updated medical

• Copies of Birth Certificate, Social Security card, Medicaid card (if it applies) and proof Of address.

• Intake Coordinator will prepare (LOC) Level Of Care Package which consist of psychological, psychosocial updated medical with a transmittal to send to individual local DDSO for OPWDD approval.
lnaddition, will help obtain nessary documents listed above:
• Help apply for Medicaid

• Attend fair hearing with individual and family (if needed)

• Apply for SSI (if needed)

• Apply for Food Stamps (if needed)

• Refer to Home Care services as needed



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